Art in a Box

I decided to make something for the upcoming “Art in a Box” show at RHINO Gallery. It is a cube with a removable top.

Lattice Field Theory

Lattice Field Theory

The material is recycled lattice strips salvaged from a building renovation. Left unpainted, cut to size, assembled with small nails and glue.

I didn’t know what I would do with the interior until I finished the box itself. Install a statue? Hang works of art on the walls? (Art in a box?) Finally settled on 2 mirrors set across from one another, angled up at the viewer.  Added a golden frame midway between the mirrors. When the viewer look in sees self reflected back, in a frame-art in a box.

Lattice Field Theory interior

Lattice Field Theory interior

The silver things are painted pine needles. It seemed like the interior needed more texture. I haven’t settled on how these will be arranged.

The title is taken from physics, where lattice field theory is the study of lattice models of quantum field theory.


I don’t pretend to understand this stuff but in general, I think, a lattice model is a way of reducing a continuum to a form that can be analyzed. What is life but a continuum? What is a painting, photo or reflection but a point in this continuum?


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