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Living Architecture

Somewhat reminiscent of the remarkable set of houses being built in the Lower 9th Ward by the Make It Right Foundation is the recently announced Living Architecture development in the UK.

Living Architecture has asked a series of established and emerging world-class architects to build houses around the UK. The houses will be available to rent for holidays by the general public. Some will be in difficult or remote sites. The business model: People will pay a premium to spend a few days in a home designed by cutting-edge architects.



Art in a Box

I decided to make something for the upcoming “Art in a Box” show at RHINO Gallery. It is a cube with a removable top.

Lattice Field Theory

Lattice Field Theory

The material is recycled lattice strips salvaged from a building renovation. Left unpainted, cut to size, assembled with small nails and glue.

I didn’t know what I would do with the interior until I finished the box itself. Install a statue? Hang works of art on the walls? (Art in a box?) Finally settled on 2 mirrors set across from one another, angled up at the viewer.  Added a golden frame midway between the mirrors. When the viewer look in sees self reflected back, in a frame-art in a box.

Lattice Field Theory interior

Lattice Field Theory interior

The silver things are painted pine needles. It seemed like the interior needed more texture. I haven’t settled on how these will be arranged.

The title is taken from physics, where lattice field theory is the study of lattice models of quantum field theory.


I don’t pretend to understand this stuff but in general, I think, a lattice model is a way of reducing a continuum to a form that can be analyzed. What is life but a continuum? What is a painting, photo or reflection but a point in this continuum?