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Rice paddy art in Japan

rice paddy art

Fictional warrior Naoe Kanetsugu and his wife Osen appear in fields in the town of Yonezawa , Japan.

rice paddy art detailCloser to the image, the careful placement of thousands of rice plants in the paddy fields can be seen.

Here’s a link to a story about this in The Japan Times.


Word associations

I find word associations to be fascinating.  As a phenomenon and as a tool for brainstorming ideas.

The Edinburgh Associative Thesaurus (EAT) is a very easy to use interactive word association database derived from counts of associations given by test subjects.  The sample base is not large.  And the whole enterprise is based in the United Kingdom, so there is a cultural bias.

Nevertheless you might find it to be fun and even useful.

Some of the results are quite interesting.  For example, using “me” as the stimulus word yielded the expected responses such as “you”, “us” and “them” and also many negative associations, including:

  • alone
  • bad
  • confused
  • fat
  • lost
  • mad
  • no
  • ugh

…and Derek.