Is smaller getting bigger?

There is an up-tick in demand for smaller, more efficient floor plans among new home buyers according to two big builders, Pulte and KB Home.  The demand for smaller furniture may also be rising.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, Nancy Keates (03/21/2008 )


Smaller Floor Plans in Big Demand


American’s appetite for big homes and over-sized furniture appears to be shrinking.


New-home buyers began asking builder KB Home for smaller floor plans right after the collapse in subprime lending last year, says CEO Jeffrey Mezger.


The demand for a huge, high-ceilinged great room is giving way to the desire for special-purpose rooms, including media rooms and home offices, says a spokesman for luxury specialist Pulte Homes.


In three of its four new sofa collections, Younger Furniture is offering “apartment size” sofas, which are about 10 inches shorter than full-sized ones. Citing a trend toward smaller homes, Rowe Fine Furniture says it expects its Mini Mod line will account for a quarter of its collection this fall.


“They’re finally getting it,” says Jodi FitzGerald, owner of Door Store Furniture, an 11-store retail chain in metropolitan New York that specializes in small-scale furniture. She estimates the number of smaller offerings has grown by about a third over the past year.




2 responses to “Is smaller getting bigger?

  1. Very interesting posting. Does anyone by chance know who the author is of the posting and if they have contact info such as an email address?

  2. Nancy Keates of the Wall Street Journal is the author of the article.

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