As fads go Green is good

Green momentum has been building for years. But lately it has snowballed into
a vast green monster.GreenThing

The recent International Builders Show in Orlando was full of green presentations and green exhibits. ULI has been talking green for some time. Our local home products show in New Orleans was full of green exhibits.

Is it more than a fad? Haven’t we been here before? But it seems to be different this time. There is more structural support for the green movement. It makes more economic sense than in the past, even though there might be enough oil to last another 100 years. Making your home greener can be costly, though. And home builders who have gone green are seeing mixed results in terms of sales.

There’s a long way to go, in terms of basic knowledge and behavior. And some of the consequences of going green are poorly understood. For example, if Green Light New Orleans does manage to replace all of the incandescent light bulbs in New Orleans over the next few years with CFLs, what happens to the old incandescents? More bulk for the landfill? Or are there ways to re-use them? And the CFLs are not perfect–they have disposal problems due to their mercury content. It’s a tiny amount, per bulb, but what about millions?


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