Tuxedo Consultant

Tuxedo Consultant

Originally uploaded by nola-shiva.

I had dropped Cathy off at RHINO and decided to take a rambling drive home. It was a recent Sunday morning. Not too many cars on the street, so easy to make snap decisions to pull over and take a pic. This was somewhere on Galvez, I think, near Deutches Haus. I like the whole idea of a home-grown, street-level tuxedo consultant. Cuts right through any pretension. And as far as I can know Mr. Durand might be–or have been–this is post-Katrina New Orleans where are lot of things are past-tense now–a very knowledgeable judge of sartorial matters. This is a pretty down-and-out part of town, if you didn’t know. I especially like the execution of the drawings as well as what they depict: Cane, bowtie, gloves and hat. Maybe I should go buy that seersucker suit I’ve been thinking about. They’re on sale in August!


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