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Work bench


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The old man’s work bench in the garage back in Kansas. Just as he left it when he died a couple of years ago. I’m headed back, tomorrow. Pick up Maddie at KCAI. Then Lawrence, for a vist with John & Olga, then Hutch to see Mom and assorted rels. Then on Monday we head back down South, with Maddie at the wheel at least part of the time. Pray for me. Us. Everyone on the Road.


The old red, green and blue

The old red, green and blue

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Another 4th of July come and gone.
It rained. Again. The third year in a row.
I think.
Did it rain on 7/4/05? It is hard for us New Orleans residents to remember much detail about that summer before Katrina.

People came over. I grilled, with a beach umbrella for shelter, stuck up in the air between the banana trees and the cabana roof. All was good.

I wanted people to paint flags again, on old pieces of corrugated metal I had prepared. But it rained.

Japanese TV

I took several photos of the TV screen while we were in Japan. Mainly because it was so goofy. I think that this was the sports guy on the evening news.

Here’s another cool guy:

I rather like this one: