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Interesting little retail cubes in Nara, Japan

We were cruising the retail arcade when we came across this small collection of tiny stores that jutted away from the main arcade into the sunlight. Here is a view from their back side, looking back to the arcade:

Each small structure contains two stores that each contain less than 100 square feet.
Here is a view down the aisle between the two rows of buildings:

The stores sold a variety of merchandise, including CDs. gifts, clothing, art and there was a bakery outlet in one. They were designed for start-ups. Or people who just needed a very small outlet. Nara attracts a lot of tourists, and tourists and locals both shop the arcade.

Here is a record store:

And here is a veiw into an store selling original prints and cards:

The next three photos are of the inside of a shoe store. The first one shows a little of the display. The second shows the check-out desk. Note the nice light colored paneling in the store.

This next photo is a detail of the steel frame and the ventilation louvers. The previous one showed the small HVAC unit, above the desk.

The show shop owner thought the entire development cost about 800,000 yen to build. That’s roughly $800,000. If there were 12 units, which is what I recall, then the cost per unit is just about $67,000.