End of the line

End of the line

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When the tiny Buddha at the foot of Carrollton turns his gaze up the avenue this is what he sees. A mess. Port-a-pissers, trash cans, a welter of overhead wires and traffic. This is what tourists–our economic life blood, for good or ill–also see. Been this way for a long time, although the rubbermaid toilets are relatively new, having replaced underground facilities that had been closed even before Katrina. (I don’t even want to imagine what that scene must be like now.)
Whenever I used to see bewildered tourists and our local rail-riders waiting around here for the next car to roll I wondered why RTA couldn’t come up with a little money and imagination to at least build a shelter here. It ought to be a DESTINATION–that is, something worth the trip.

But there is Palmer Park, right there at the end of the line. Palmer Park

No shelter, but a nice entry monument, some benches, live oaks and a war monument. About one city block in area. Well maintained, lately. And once a month it is the site for the MidCity Art Market.


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