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Soaring (in tiles)

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Took a little walk down in the Bywater on Saturday while waiting for Maddie to finish something at NOCCA. You can see and appreciate so much more on foot than in the car. Like these flying horses in front of Dr. Bob’s place. I used a nifty tool offered by fd’s Flickr Toys to transform the photo into a mosaic-like set of tiles.


The old Carrollton Market

Started way back in 1846 by the Council of the Town of Carrollton, it was a small (33′ by 45′) area dedicated to commerce in vegetables, fruits and meats. It was enlarged in 1871 and appears to have ceased operations in 1916.

Today it is a nice pocket park, located on Dublin at Hampson, in the Riverbend. There are many nice shops on the upriver side.

Dublin side Dublin side2

But what do these nice shops look at? The back of Walgreens, with all of their trash on the street.

Riverbend side It is unfortunate that Walgreens can’t do a better job of managing this. If they lack room inside maybe they could at least screen the view.

Katrina Victim Memorial Fountain at Riverbend

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Between the Buddha (last post) and the levee is this: The Katrina Victim Memorial Fountain. Itself a victim of all too familiar poor planning and negligence that contributed to the whole Katrina disaster. The sign next to it says it is “a beacon of hope for the rebirth of our city.” Yes, indeed. I feel so hopeful now.
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Buddha at the foot of Carrollton

tiny buddha

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This tiny buddha is a feature of the Samuel Loewenberg monument located at Carrollton and St. Charles. The Buddha’s surroundings do not foster quiet contemplation. Derelicts hang out around a dry fountain behind it. A city bus often idles there, too, producing noise and fumes. There are boisterous bars to the left and right. And someday the streetcar will again make the turn from Carrollton to St. Charles in front of it.

Still, it’s nice to know that this diminutive Buddha is there.

Hello out there! Anyone?

Welcome to this experiment.


Let’s start with some good news: The Camilla Grill just reopened after 18 months. There was a long line out front on Sunday.